Pagari 1 apartment building restored by AS Oma Ehitaja gets acknowledged by Tallinn Culture and Heritage Department

On the 23rd of April Tallinn Culture and Heritage Department handed over the letters of thanks for best restored buildings in 2013.

The Culture and Heritage Department honors annually excellently restored buildings. Head of the Department Aini Härm and Heritage sites Department head Boris Dubovik gave prizes and letters of appreciation to the owners of the buildings, architects and builders, supervisors, restorers and developers. The best restored building in Old Town in 2013 was Pagari 1, restored by AS Oma Ehitaja.

Hundred years old neo-classicist style Pagari 1 building was designed by the Baltic- German architect Hans Schmidt. It was originally built for upper class rental apartments. Meanwhile it served the power structures and after renovation has gotten back the luxurious residential apartments function. The facade of the house and also the original details from the interior were carefully restored. The exterior doors with peep holes in it, some cellars and a secret passageway will remind us of the darkest days of the house.

Tallinn Culture and Heritage Department has acknowledged the best restored buildings since 2002.