Oma Ehitaja will build the next stages of Rotermann City

On the 9th of February 2015 AS Oma Ehitaja and the two subsidiary companies of US Real Estate signed two contracts for Rotermann City’s next development stages.
The contract with Gastorfa OÜ will include the renovation of the Rotermann Factory’s old grain elevator and gate building. After renovation it will be an entertainment center and office building. There will be restaurants, fitness and dance studios, business premises and offices. The net area of the renovated building will be 4450 m2.
The second contract signed by Dollimar Invest and Oma Ehitaja includes three buildings.
The first of the new properties will be erected on the former site of the Rotermann boiler house and will form an exciting symbiosis with the historical boiler house’s chimney that still stands and will be renovated to celebrate the glory days of the former industrial district. The clean-cut and elegant floors of the glass-decked second new property will rise on the limestone walls of the old rye mill. The upper floors of this seven-floor building will have 41 apartments where the spacious balconies offer fantastic views on both the Old Town and the sea. The third building is the former Rotermann power plant made of limestone and restored largely to its original appearance. The first floors of the compact building are designed for catering and commercial areas while the upper floors will house stylish and cosy homes.
All together the net area of those three buildings is 8970 m2.