Oma Ehitaja reconstructs the former family dormitory of Tallinn University of Technology

On the 15th December, Tallinn University of Technology and Oma Ehitaja AS signed an employment contract for the reconstruction of the former family dormitory of the university.
The dormitory, which was built in 1986 from modular ferroconcrete elements at Akadeemia tee 5a on the campus of Tallinn University of Technology, will be reconstructed with energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions into a dormitory with the energy efficiency of 100 kWh/(m².a) and an indoor climate of class II. The building will be insulated (the walls as well as the roof) with factory-made thermo-panels on wooden frames. There is an exhaust ventilation system with heat recovery that operates in every room of the dormitory apartments. Since the building is based on a stairwell style solution, there is a central device in one area of the building and the other part has apartment-based devices. In addition, there are solar panels for electricity production and solar collectors for heating the water for consumption planned for the dormitory. There is a heat recovery system from wastewater planned in one stairwell of the building, where the residual heat in the heat exchanger is separated from the wastewater and guided to recycling. The dormitory will have 80 1-room family apartments. The area of the five-storey building with the basement is 3 824 square meters.

It is also an important project for Tallinn University of Technology for scientific research. Namely, as a separate research project, the completed building’s energy consumption and efficiency indicators are being monitored for scientific purposes. The aim of the research is to compare different technical solutions and put the best into practice. To ensure comparison results, there are different technical solutions planned in different parts of the building.

The construction works will begin in January 2017 and the client must receive the completed building from the contractor in 9 months.