New shopping center in Laagri will be designed and built by Oma Ehitaja

On the 1st of September Selver AS and Projekt 554 Ltd, subsidiary of AS Oma Ehitaja, signed the business premises lease contract for opening new Selver in Laagri at Pärnu road 554 property.
New shopping center will be built at 554 Pärnu rd. at the edge of Tallinn. AS Oma Ehitaja will design and build the building. Selver is the largest tenant with 2626 m2. In addition there will be several smaller sales areas for business lease. The opening is planned to take place at the end of year 2017.

New Selver will offer15 000 different products, particular focus to fresh goods. Selver will offer work for 55 people.

Member of the AS Selver board Kristi Lomp commented building of new Selver: Pääsküla Selver has found warm reception from the people of Laagri and Pääsküla and this encourages us to open a new Selver which is more spacious and with larger range of goods. Laagri is still growing vigorously and for new residential areas Selver will be at perfect location. In addition new center will be convenient for transit customers travelling to Pärnu, Haapsalu, and Riga.

The center is easy to access, as bus and train stops are located nearby. Easy accessible and convenient underground car park will be designed as part of the center.