The winners of the annual project “Fix the volleyball courts 2021!” have been announced

Volleyball court building project “Fix the volleyball courts!” creates 10 volleyball courts across Estonia. With the help of the jury and volleyball fans, ten places have been chosen where brand new volleyball courts will be built next summer.

The six winners were chosen by a jury consisting of Kaido Fridolin, Chairman of the Management Board of Oma Ehitaja AS, Hanno Pevkur, President of the Estonian Volleyball Association, Helen Veermäe, Secretary – General of the Estonian Volleyball Association, Kert Toobal, Captain of the men’s national team and Rivo Vesik, one of the best beachball player in Estonia. During the referendum on Postimees website, the other four winners were revealed. 

The winners are: MTÜ Rasina Külaarendamise Selts; SA Elva Kultuur & Sport; MTÜ Roela Kodukant; Pühajärve Basic School; Abruka Villa Ltd; MTÜ Pärnamäe Külaselts; Viljandi Jakobsoni School; Nasva village in Saaremaa; Kabli village in Pärnu county; Saulepi village in Pärnu county.

Over the years, the Estonian Volleyball Association, in cooperation with Credit24, Oma Ehitaja and the Tallinn Sports and Youth Board, has arranged and built 110 volleyball courts. This summer we will reach 120 courts. The construction company Oma Ehitaja will continue as a major supporter of the project, supplying the necessary equipment for arranging and assembling the squares.