TUT Library building is open for visitors

On 11 November, the opening ceremony for the new research library building of the Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) took place in the framework of the 90th anniversary of the TUT Library with the President of the Republic of Estonia in attendance.

Delivered to the contracting entity by the builder already in summer, the library is comparable to the world’s best libraries in terms of functionality and technological and architectural design. The library is unparalleled by other public buildings in the city with its distinctive architectural and interior design solution. A weatherproof polymer printed fabric covers the building. Filled with fibres arranged in a lattice structure, this membrane is fastened to the building’s metal framework and also serves as a light filter. Such a facade solution is unprecedented in Estonia. The working environment has also been designed on a high technical footing and the interior climate in the building is regulated by technical systems.


The library, hitherto scattered among six different buildings, is now finally under one roof. With over 700,000 volumes and space for 500 readers, the library represents a marked improvement in working conditions for students and researchers.

According to the rector of TUT Mr.Peep Sürje, Estonia’s most modern library is expected to become the new heart of the campus in the Mustamäe district of Tallinn.


The library was designed by architecture office “Agabus, Endjärv &amp*** Truuverk Arhitektid Oܓ and constructing works made by AS Oma Ehiataja.


This is a 5 storey building with underground parking space as well, with closed net area of 11&nbsp***294 m2. Construction works started in January 2008 and extended 1,5 years at all.