Otepää was the first municipality in Estonia to reach the finish line in the water resources management project.

On 30 November, the final ceremony was held, replete with fireworks. This is the first water resources management infrastructure project to be completed in the new structural fund period (2007-2013), which puts the final touch on Otepää’s longstanding work to develop the city’s public water supply and sewerage system.
Cohesion Fund assistance was used to complete the renovation of the entire city’s water supply and sewerage pipes and water treatment plants. One wastewater treatment facility was added while the existing plant was improved. The entire wastewater collection area is now completely covered by new pipes and all prospective customers can now be connected to the Otepää water supply and sewerage system. Oma Ehitaja, in cooperation with Viimsi Keevitus, performed construction and renovation work on waste water treatment plants in the framework of this project.