Oma Ehitaja is about to start carrying out a major project at Tallinn University – the construction of the new SILVA research building.

On 10 September, Tallinn University and AS Oma Ehitaja signed a contract for the design and construction of Tallinn University’s new research building. In the framework of the project, the existing complex at Narva mnt. 25/27/29 will be modernized, in the course of which a total of 10,000 m2 of new floor space will be added for research and development at Tallinn University. Designed by architect Ignar Fjuk, the schematic design envisions the complete renovation of Narva mnt 27 and an addition to Narva mnt 29 – an additional storey will be added to the side facing the street and the development of premises meant for joint use in place of the current colonnade and foyer. In addition, a new six-storey annex will be built on the interior courtyard of Narva mnt 29, which will tie the entire complex together into a whole. The research building will be the home of Tallinn University’s institutes engaged in national priority areas (bio and material technology, information and communications technology, environmental science), new laboratories, a library and conference halls will also be built in the building.