Oma Ehitaja will build new headquarters for Elering

On the 11th November Oma Ehitaja AS and Elering AS signed an employment contract for the construction of the new office building and headquarters of Elering in Tallinn, Kadaka tee 42.

The new headquarters of Elering will be built based on the winning design of a public architectural competition created by AB Kontekst (architect Karli Luik) and the project compiled by the Novarc Group. It is a three-storey office building with a total area of 3 645 square meters. Functionality and hard lines dominate the building’s design, yet the building is environmental, friendly, and creates a comfortable and inspiring working environment. The office building under construction is a nearly zero-energy building and has the energy class level A. In addition to energy-efficient technical solutions, solar panels and the use of rainwater in restrooms, passive sun protection methods have been used during the planning of the building. Since the building also houses the headquarters of Elering, special attention has been paid to security.

The construction works will begin in November and the end of construction has been planned for early winter 2017.