Old production building in Ülemiste City to be reconstructed into an office building

AS Oma Ehitaja and Ülemiste City signed a construction agreement on reconstructing an 80m long factory building into an office building, which is located in the innovation town next to Tallinn Airport.

The reconstructed building will have&nbsp***a gallery street through 3 floors. On the first floor of the gallery street, there will be a restaurant complex which is planned as the centre of Ülemiste City, office spaces will be built on the II and III floor.

According to Gunnar Kobin,&nbsp***the CEO of Ülemiste City, the reconstructed building will become the heart of Ülemiste City. The house is located in the heart of the 1st development quarter, next to the park and pond which will be ready in the summer 2007, and it will be the most exquisite&nbsp***building in town.

According to Mr Kobin, the role of Ülemiste City in creating innovation is creating communication between people and through that, exchanging experiences and the best way to do that is through a restaurant complex which will serve the whole city.

The construction works will begin in January and are scheduled to be finished by the 1st of September 2007.