The Shipyard’s most iconic building reached its full planned height

Today the topping out rite took place in the Noblessner Foundry, the construction of which will be finished next autumn.

The whole-family discovery centre where you can re-discover, experience and create centuries-old techniques through virtual reality will open its doors in the large hall of the Noblessners Foundry.

For the first time, the 1400 m2 blackbox with a special atmosphere will be open for public use, which will be ideal for both cultural and corporate events.

Noblessner’s Foundry is the magnificent example of the historical industrial building with spectacular architecture and exceptional acoustics. “Over the past eight years, world-class concert performances have been made in the spotlight. We believe that the combination of the fascinating history of the building and the modern discovery centre will create a special atmosphere, and Noblessner’s Foundry will become an attractive place for both tourists and local residents,” said Ivar Piirsalu, BLRT Group Real Estate Development Director.

The total cost of renovating Noblessner’s foundry is 7.37 million. Enterprise Estonia supports the project with 2.39 million euros financed from the European Regional Development Fund.

The restoration project was prepared by KAOS Architects, OMA Ehitaja AS is engaged in renovation work and construction. The creator of the exhibition to be is the Motor Agency.


Photo: Martin Dremljuga