Construction of Pärnu city representative hall starts

In the end of October, Pärnu City Government and OÜ Steniard signed a contract for a new sports hall in Pärnu. According to the contract Steniard is obligated to build a representative sports building for Pärnu by project designed by OÜ Meistri Projekt. Steniard must also find the necessary financial means to build the sports hall. City of Pärnu will buy the sports hall building from Steniard in 7 years starting from 2011, by paying monthly payments for the use.

The representative hall of Pärnu has a contest and a training arena for volley- and basketball players, chess and table tennis players, gymnasts, martial arts and aerobics practitioners. There is also the possibility to play floor- and handball. The height of Pärnu sports hall is planned 15m, building net area is 5700m². The main hall has an area of 2040m²*** it holds three volleyball or basketball arenas that can be separated with curtains or it can hold the main arena which has on the one side a stationary tribune on the second floor (with 392 seats) and on the other three sides removable tribunes. Altogether there are places for 2013 onlookers, which include 6 places for wheelchairs. By removing the tribunes it is possible to use a field that is 57m long and 37m wide. Besides the main field there are also three smaller arenas: a 435m² martial art and a table tennis hall, a 213m² wide gym and a 178m² aerobics hall. Chess players will have a hall of 75m² to use, which can also be used as a meeting room.

Sports building is built in cooperation between OÜ Steniard and AS Oma Ehitaja and it should be ready by October 2009.