AS Oma Ehitaja 2007 audited economic results

Construction and real estate development company Oma Ehitaja’s turnover on its second business year was 576 million Estonian kroons and net income was 43 million Estonian kroons. Compared to last years results the turnover grew two times (in 2006 the turnover was 289 million kroons) and net income grew more than six times (in 2006 net income was 6,4 million kroons).

The majority of business capacity was engaged in design and constructional service. Rest of the turnover came from the companies own real estate development projects.

In 2007 major completed projects were department store “Kaubamajakas” expansion in Pärnu, office building and restaurant Mercado in Tallinn Ülemiste City, Pärnu County office building, AS A-Selver Köök production building in LasnamäeIndustrial Park and Balti Autoosade AS selling centre in Rae County.