Arctic Sport opened a new clubhouse in Tartu

Building work for Arctic Sport clubhouse began on January 2008 and the completed building was handed over on time, 15th October 2008. The three-storey clubhouse has an area of 3200 square meters and it holds 350 people at one time in different halls and swimming pools.

Chairman of the Arctic Sport board Andrus Kurvitsa says that the new clubhouse has a wider training area, rooms have modern solutions and design has been inspired by solutions from other countries.  The club will employ 45 trainers. Up to 120 group sessions is planned for one week. In addition to the traditional gym there are 4 group training halls: aerobics, Mind&amp***Body studio, Small Studio, inner bicycle hall and a full-size swimming pool. Arctic Sport’s new clubhouse is different from the other clubs in Tartu because children have also been considered. When parents are visiting the gym or the swimming pool then children can be in a playroom with a sitter free of charge. The new sport club has also facilities for handicapped people, on the first floor there is a swimming-pool and a gym, with equipment that is easier to use.