Volleyball court building project “Fix the volleyball courts!” creates 10 volleyball courts across Estonia

In co-operation with Oma Ehitaja this summer the Estonian-wide  project “Fix the volleyball courts!” will take place again and 10 volleyball courts will be established across Estonia.

In the past eight years, the project “Fix the volleyball courts!” has organized and established 90 volleyball courts in cooperation with Credit24, Oma Ehitaja and Tallinn Sports and Youth Department.

As a major supporter of the project, the construction company Oma Ehitaja will continue to provide the necessary facilities for the maintenance and completion of the courts. This summer 100 courts will be reached, perfect for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Estonian volleyball.

Read more from the official webpage of the Estonian Volleyball Federation


Volleyball court building project “Fix the volleyball courts!” will be held for the eighth time

Project “Fix the volleyball courts!” is initiated to ensure that everyone interested can actively engage in sports in the open air. This year, the Estonian Volleyball Federation, in cooperation with the city of Tallinn and the construction company Oma Ehitaja, restores eleven volleyball courts in Tallinn and its neighborhood

In the previous seven years of operation for the project, 80 new volleyball courts have been built in different areas of Estonia where it is now possible to play sports on beautiful summer nights in great company.
This year, eleven newly refurbished squares will be added, including four in Pirita, four on the Stroomi beach, one in Kakumäe, one in Harku and one on the Pikakari beach.

Read more from the official webpage of the Estonian Volleyball Federation.

Oma Ehitaja supports future engineers

In collaboration with TTK UAS, Oma Ehitaja will give a €1500 scholarship to one successful student from the building construction curriculum at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences.

Oma Ehitaja supports a student from TTÜ’s School of Engineering with a scholarship

At the end of August, Oma Ehitaja and TTÜ Development Fund signed a partnership agreement to give a €2000 scholarship to a successful School of Engineering undergraduate or master’s student studying building construction.

The Oma Ehitaja engineering and master’s programme scholarship went to Areenika Lumilaan, a student of integrated studies at TTÜ’s School of Engineering.

More information: http://bit.ly/OmaEhitajaStipendium

Oma Ehitaja supports the project “Fix the volleyball courts”

On the 12th and 13th of March 2016 during the finals tournament of the League Saja that connects the Baltic volleyball clubs, the Estonian Volleyball Federation and Oma Ehitaja AS signed a contract whereby Oma Ehitaja became the main sponsor of the project “Fix the volleyball courts”. In the framework of the successful project that promoted community life, 60 new volleyball courts have been created in Estonia in the last 5 years in collaboration with the Estonian Volleyball Federation and Credit24. This year Oma Ehitaja AS took over the baton from Credit24. This summer, ten new volleyball courts will be fixed or built in Estonia.

Volleyball lovers can apply from the 14th March until the 15th April 2016.

The website for the project: http://vorguplatsidkorda.volley.ee/